Collecting vintage barbies

For some collectors, investing in Mondo Barbie has become more reliable than many money market funds. Includes pictures and descriptions of Stacey dolls and clothing I was bored one day, and started …. If you get more serious about collecting Barbie Dolls and there are specific Barbie's you want for you collection, you can start to look into online auction sites or dealers that will have Barbie's of all sorts available. I must have only been … How much fun is this?!?

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Collecting Vintage Barbie Dolls

I'll be happy to answer them or get you more scans via email or additional images to your cell phone. My mom bought my sister and me she is 3 years younger 1 brunette bubblecut, 1 titian midge and a painted hair Ken all s. I also have the house and airplane I received just a few years later. The ones at the pic I have. This site is for all of you who love Barbies like me!! Yes, we are actively expanding on the brands and lines we purchase. Silkstone Barbies - Current.

Barbie Mania Collectors are happy she's never played hard to get - Baltimore Sun

Ken Size Fashions Summers volunteers that she's 4-foot I found the wonderful world of Vintage Barbies just a couple of years ago. Confirm your return first via email. In , when I was 5, he came to Cal. When Ruth Handler and Mattel introduced Barbie in it created quite a sensation! Near Mint Bright color and very crisp, no flaws, item may have been gently played with.
Again, I will hold the items for 7 days to await payment. Please email me with any questions about any item in my inventory. And even though Barbies have been purchased by millions of people from countries, some versions of the doll are more valuable than others. The Platinum Label dolls are the rarest and most unique of the collector's edition dolls. Who are Barbie and Ken named after?
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